My handicraft: transparent felt; shawls in merino wool, silk and cashmere.

For many years I have worked with textiles in many different ways. A few years ago I discovered felting. I am fascinated by the very thin quality that is achieved with cobweb felt. These shawls are very sensual to wear. They are light but warm. You can wear them in many different ways and they always hang perfectly. What I always love is the possibility to combine different colours and how the result is always a surprise. Every piece is unique - a new creation.

With nuno felt something interesting happens. The wool that is placed onto the  material  shrinks into it and this creates a structure that resembles animal skin. The uncovered part on chiffon silk becomes “alive” like a feather.

Shawls in cobweb felt

Very fine Merino wool

or Cashmere

with Tussah silk

Shawls in nuno felt

for this I use

Pongee silk or

Chiffon silk and then I felt

Merino wool or

Cashmere with

Tussah silk on top